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Here is the current list of datasets at More to come soon!

Micro SaaS

Micro SaaS businesses targeting niche markets, run by one person or a small team, with small costs.

Paid Newsletters

Email campaigns that content creators share regularly with their audience for a fee.

Paid Communities

Subscription-based services that provide exclusive content and access to their members.


Anything as a service describes a general category of services with a fixed scope and price.

Personal Websites

People who have built Personal Websites by establishing authority in a specific field.

Personal Brands

Creators that developed and monetized their reputation.


E-commerce websites where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties.

Manufactured Goods

Niche products created by individuals and sold online.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions that serve over 3 billion Chrome users worldwide.

Knowledge Workers

Personal services such as Consultants, Creatives, Programmers, Coaches, etc.

Digital Products

Intangible assets or pieces of media that can be sold and distributed repeatedly online.

Course Creators

People who have built and sold profitable online courses.

New datasets are added regularly

Adding and updating quality data is our highest priority. We research the latest trends with individual companies and businesses models so you don't have to.


Customized Tables

Every table is customized to fit the needs of the dataset. Each dataset is presented as a table with columns.

Detailed quick views

Access detailed information

To view detailed information quickly just click on a row. A pop-up window will appear with more information about the company.

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